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September 23, 2014


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SIU Innovation Expo SIU Innovation Expo SIU Innovation Expo
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2014 SIU Innovation Expo - System Wide

 We welcome you to join us at the 2014 SIU Innovation Expo, supporting long-term, sustainable innovation from idea generation to partnership and commercialization. 

Making Better Mousetraps, Medicine and Megawatts*
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The SIU Innovation Expo is taking place the afternoon of September 23, 2014 at the Morris University Center on the SIU Edwardsville campus to spur university-industry funded research relationships.  Numerous faculty from Edwardsville, Carbondale and Springfield are scheduled to be on hand to provide a snapshot of collaborative research and commercialization opportunities for potential industry partners.  SIU support staff will also be present to answer questions about the organizational details of collaboration.  The event is free and open to the public starting from 1:00 p.m. Registration is encouraged at this link​ (parking and other event information will be provided with registration). It will kick off with a welcome by SIU's President Dunn at 1:30 p.m., followed by a keynote presentation by NSF expert George B. Vermont entitled NSF SBIR Funding Opportunities for Innovation Research.

Collaboration between SIU and companies can lead to increased funding opportunities for researchers and strengthened ties between SIU and the business/industry community (read more: Why work with SIU?) as well as to position SIU as a leader for solving our communities' most pressing problems through research and innovation.  Get involved in the discussion on the LinkedIn SIU Technology Innovation and Commercialization Group.


The Innovation Expo is a system-wide event taking place at the Morris University Center on the SIU Edwardsville campus on September 23, 2014.  Link to: Edwardsville Campus Map (Morris University Center and Parking Lot B highlighted)  

The agenda of the day includes: 

1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Welcome by President Dunn and keynote presentation by George B. Vermont (NSF Expert - Read Bio
2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Exhibits/networking- Participating faculty provided with space for research poster, prototype, or other visual display of work 
3:30 p.m. Refreshments served

Participating Faculty and Keynote

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Most of the participating faculty hold issued or pending patents. Some are participants in startup companies based on their innovations (as indicated by "Entrepreneur" below).

Note: Table of presenters is sorted alphabetically first by campus, then by college/department, then by first name. 

Name Title Campus SIU College, Department Collaborative Research Areas
David A Lightfoot Professor, Entrepreneur  Carbondale Agricultural Sciences, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems Plant Biotechnology
Ian Suni Professor and Director, Materials Technology Center Carbondale Engineering and Science, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, Chemistry and Biochemistry  Interested in sensors and biosensors, thin film growth (coatings), energy storage, alternative energy.
Peter Filip Professor, Entrepreneur Carbondale Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes Advanced Diamond Composite Materials
Tomasz Wiltowski Professor, Director of Coal Research Center Carbondale Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes Carbon Dioxide Utilization
Manoj K. Mohanty Professor Carbondale Engineering, Mining and Mineral Resources Commercialization of a Newly Developed Coal Spiral Automation System in the US Coal Industry
Y. Paul Chugh Professor, Entrepreneur Carbondale Engineering, Mining and Mineral Resources Novel Rebar Bolt for Improved Rock Mass Reinforcement
Bruce DeRuntz Professor, Director of Leadership Development Carbondale Engineering, Technology Technical Leadership Development
Boyd Goodson Professor Carbondale Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry Sensitivity and Contrast Enhancement in NMR and MRI; Novel Exogenous MRI Contrast Agents
Colleen Scott Associate Professor Carbondale Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry Silaanthracene as a Red and Near Infrared Sensor and a Method to Manufacture Such a Sensor
Lichang Wang Professor, Entrepreneur Carbondale Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry Coal Solar Cells
Ken B. Anderson Professor, Entrepreneur Carbondale Science, Geology Production of high value chemicals and fuels from coal and biomass
Mike Shaw Professor and Chair Edwardsville Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Development of inexpensive potentiostats for teaching and other applications
Dennis Bouvier Associate Professor and Department Chair Edwardsville Engineering, Computer Science Virtual Coach
Andy Lozowski Assistant Professor Edwardsville Engineering, Electrical Engineering Lithium-Ion Battery Management
Jenna Gorlewicz Assistant Professor Edwardsville Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Medical Devices and Educational Robotics
Sabrina Trupia

Research Assistant Professor

Edwardsville National Corn to Ethanol Research Center Advanced Biofuels, Cellulosic Ethanol, Coproducts, and Biochemicals
Michael Crider Chair and Associate Dean for Research Edwardsville Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences Somatostatin Subtype 4 Agonits as Potential Agents for Alzheimer's Disease an Dopamine D3 agoists for the potential treatment of Parkinson's Disease
Bill Neumann Associate Professor Edwardsville Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences Peroxynitrite Decomposition Catalysts
Ron Worthington Associate Professor Edwardsville Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences Native nisin peptide as a new antibiotic
Andy Wilber Assistant Professor; Director PHLS program Springfield Medicine, Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology Gene Therapy for Severe Hemoglobin Disorders
Vickram Ramkumar Associate Professor Springfield Medicine, Pharmacology Molecular pharmacology of adenosine receptors in cardiovascular and auditory systems and cellular signal transduction processes
Wiley D. Jenkins Science Director Springfield Medicine, Population Science Program Population-level disease epidemiology and intervention
Kathleen Campbell Professor Springfield Medicine, Surgery D-methionine (D-met) as a Protective Agent

Keynote: George B. Vermont

George Vermont received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from New York University School of Engineering in 1962 and spent the next 32 years in various research management positions with DuPont, in Wilmington Delaware, and with Mallinckrodt in St. Louis. He retired from Mallinckrodt in 1994 as Director of Research for the Drug Chemicals Division and received a Fellowship to work at the Office of Science and Technology Policy for President Clinton's Science Advisor, John Gibbons. When the Fellowship ended in 1996, he applied for, and was hired to work as a Program Director for the Bioengineering Division ( BES ) of the National Science Foundation. In 1998 he was promoted to Division Director of BES.  Dr. Vermont retired from that position in 2000 to return to St. Louis. He has been working part-time for the Small Business Innovative Research ( SBIR ) program at NSF since he returned. For the last 9 years he has interviewed over 2500 small business recipients of SBIR awards in an attempt to validate the effectiveness of the SBIR program. An overview of funding opportunities at NSF and some of the data gathered in the SBIR Assessment Study will be presented.


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Click here to register.  No fee to attend, but registration required.  Registered attendees get event updates, parking details and directions, and information on our latest innovation activities. For registration information, please contact the SIU Edwardsville SBDC:

Alumni Hall Room 2126
Campus Box 1107
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1107
Phone: 618-650-2929
Fax: 618-650-2647

What's it all about?

Curiosity >>> Motivation >>> Action

The annual Innovation Expo is a day of reconnecting with that sense of what makes a research university like SIU great. The Expo provides an opportunity for attendees to:

  • Catch up with colleagues in a convenient and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Learn about the latest technology innovations and research advances at SIU.
  • Make connections with new people and ideas
  • Discover ways to take your research, innovation or business to the next level.

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Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Innovators
  • Executives, Managers, Business People
  • Bankers, Investors, Advisers
  • Scientists, Technologists, Science and Technology Enthusiasts
  • Economic Developers, Chambers of Commerce, Community Organizations
  • SIU Faculty, Staff, Students
  • Anyone interested in technology and/or innovation!
advanced biofuels, cellulosic ethanol, coproducts, and biochemicals