Event Agenda

Main Program

2:00 pm                Doors open—all SIU participants present

2:30 pm                Welcome (SIU System President Kevin Dorsey)

2:40 pm                Keynote Speaker (Sara Robinson, Google)–

                               “Transforming Healthcare with Machine Learning”

                               Distinguished Dignitary (if  available)

3:20 pm                Remarks from SIUE Chancellor Randall Pembrook

3:25 pm                Speed pitches (3-5 min.) – 6 pitches, 2 from each campus


                             Mohammad Shavezipur-“Pathogen Transport Modelled Biomimetic Sensor,

                              Sensing Method, and Produce Sanitization”

                              Kenneth Witt-“Somatostatin Receptor Type 4 Agonist Compounds for

                              Alzheimer’s Disease”


                             Khalid Meksem-“Soybean Resistant to Cyst Nematodes”

                              Boyd Goodson-“Enhanced Catalysts for NMR/MRI Enhancement via

                              SABRE (Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange)”


                              Keith Gagnon-“Tuning CRISPR/Cas9 Activity with Chemically

                              Modified Nucleotide Substitutions”

                              Debashree Mukherjea-“Treatment and Restoration of Hearing Loss”

3:50 pm                Innovation Interchange Summary (Industry and Academic Partnering

                              Initiative)–presented by Jay De Long, Director

4:15 pm                Remarks from SIUC Chancellor John Dunn

4:20 pm               Networking & refreshments (booth activities & heavy hors d’oeuvres)


Evening Program

5:00 pm                Start of Post Program (Moderated by SOM Dean Dr. Jerry Kruse with opening and

                               closing remarks by SIUE School of Business Dean Timothy Schoenecker and

                               SIUC College of Business Dean Terry Clark)

5:30 pm                Panel Program – “Cannabis: The Business and Health Considerations in Illinois”

                               Panel Participants:

                              Mitch Myers (Co-Owner & Partner of Nature’s Care Company, a Chicago-based


                              Dina Rollman (SVP of Government & Regulatory Affairs at Green Thumb


                              Dale Buck Hales (Professor and Chair, Department of Physiology &

                              Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

                              Aldwin Anterola (Associate Professor of Plant Biology)

6:30 pm                Networking & refreshments (heavy hors d’oeuvres)

8:00 pm                Close