Event Agenda

Main Program

2:00 pm                Doors open—all SIU participants present

2:30 pm                Welcome (SIU System President Kevin Dorsey)

2:40 pm                Keynote Speaker (Sara Robinson, Google)–

                               “Transforming Healthcare with Machine Learning”

                               Distinguished Dignitary (if  available)

3:20 pm                Remarks from SIUE Chancellor Randall Pembrook

3:25 pm                Speed pitches (3-5 min.) – 6 pitches, 2 from each campus


                             Mohammad Shavezipur-“Pathogen Transport Modelled Biomimetic Sensor,

                              Sensing Method, and Produce Sanitization”

                              Kenneth Witt-“Somatostatin Receptor Type 4 Agonist Compounds for

                              Alzheimer’s Disease”


                             Khalid Meksem-“Soybean Resistant to Cyst Nematodes”

                              Boyd Goodson-“Enhanced Catalysts for NMR/MRI Enhancement via

                              SABRE (Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange)”


                              Keith Gagnon-“Tuning CRISPR/Cas9 Activity with Chemically

                              Modified Nucleotide Substitutions”

                              Debashree Mukherjea-“Treatment and Restoration of Hearing Loss”

3:55 pm               Research Interchange Summary (Industry and Academic Partnering

                              Initiative)–presented by Jay De Long, Director

4:15 pm                Remarks from SIUC Chancellor John Dunn

4:20 pm               Networking & refreshments (booth activities & heavy hors d’oeuvres)


Evening Program

5:00 pm                Start of Post Program (Moderated by SOM Dean Dr. Jerry Kruse with opening

                               remarks by SIUC College of Business Dean Terry Clark; closing remarks

                               by SIUE School of Business Dean Timothy Schoenecker)

5:30 pm                Panel Program – “Cannabis: The Business and Health Considerations in Illinois”

                               Panel Participants:

                              Mitch Meyers (Co-Owner & Partner of Nature’s Care Company, a Chicago-based


                              Dina Rollman (SVP of Government & Regulatory Affairs at Green Thumb


                              Dale Buck Hales (Professor and Chair, Department of Physiology &

                              Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

                              Aldwin Anterola (Associate Professor of Plant Biology)

6:30 pm                Networking & refreshments (heavy hors d’oeuvres)

8:00 pm                Close